Transferring Ownership

GCCF LogoIf your cat (or kitten) is already registered with TICA, this page explains how to transfer ownership to you.

The current owner(s) of the cat should have a registration certificate from TICA, which will be in their name(s).

They will need to complete the reverse of the certificate - providing their name and address, the exact date of the transfer, and sign the form. If the cat is jointly-owned, then both owners must sign the transfer.

The new owner should complete the remainder - with their name and address.

If the new owner is a breeder and has a TICA registered cattery name, then their cattery name can be added as a suffix at the same time, and this can also be noted on the back of the form.

The original registration certificate should then be sent to the Executive Office, who will process the change of ownership and send you a new registration certificate in your name(s). Their address details are:

TICA Executive Office
PO Box 2684
Harlingen, TX 78551

Phone: 001 956 428 8046
Fax: 001 956 428 8047
e-mail: submit

If sending by post, you are advised to use the Royal Mail’s Airsure® service to confirm receipt, as the Executive Office does not issue acknowledgements.

You can also check processing status on the TICA site.

Payment Fee and Methods

Transfer of ownership fee is currently $15 ($13 for TICA members). Additions and deletions of Cattery suffixes are $10 each.

Payment is easiest from the UK by credit card or PayPal. You are advised not to send credit card details using email as this is not a secure method. If using a credit card, send the details via airmail or via Fax or call the Executive Office at the number above. You now also need to supply the 3 digit verification number (on the rear of your credit card in the signature strip) whenever paying by credit card.

As an alternative, you can pay via Paypal quoting the address Pay first, then send the registration paperwork and provide the PayPal transaction reference number. Quoting the cat’s name, TICA registration number and purpose of the payment on the PayPal transaction helps the EO to match payment to the paperwork.