TICA Titles

TICA Show Winner PhotoThis page explains the TICA title system and how titles are awarded and claimed. The following table shows the hierarchy of titles in TICA.

Note that the qualification requirements (shown below) are the same for entire cats, alters (i.e. neuters) and HHPs. This is believed to be unique among show organisations in the UK.

Champion (CH) Champion Alter (CHA) Master (MS)
Grand Champion (GC) Grand Champion Alter (GCA) Grand Master (GRM)
Double Grand Champion (DGC) Double Grand Champion Alter (DGCA) Double Grand Champion Master (DGCM)
Triple Grand Champion (TGC) Triple Grand Champion Alter (TGCA) Triple Grand Champion Master (TGCM)
Quadruple Grand Champion(QGC) Quadruple Grand Champion Alter (QGCA) Quadruple Grand Champion Master (QGCM)
Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) Supreme Grand Champion Alter (SGCA) Supreme Grand Champion Master (SGCM)


To qualify for each of these titles, the exhibit must gain the following points:

CH, CHA, MS 150 points from 2 different judges plus one final
GRC, GCA, GRM 500 points with 3 finals, 1 in top 5 SP or top 10 AB
DGC, DGCA, DGM 1000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a GRC/GRCA/GRM
TGC, TGCA, TGM 1500 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a DGC/DGCA/DGM
QGC, QGCA, QGM 2000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a TGC/TGCA/TGM
SGC, SGCM, SGM 3000 points plus 1 Best Cat as a QGC/QGCA/QGM


CH, CHA, MS 300 points from 4 different judges, plus one Final
GRC, GCA, GRM 1000 points with 6 finals, 3  in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB
DGC, DGCA, DGM 2000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a GRC/GRCA/GRM
TGC, TGCA, TGM 3000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a DGC/DGCA/DGM
QGC, QGCA, QGM 4000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a TGC/TGCA/TGM
SGC, SGCA, SGM 6000 points plus 1 Best Cat as a QGC/QGCA/QGM


Show Cat PhotoThe important difference in TICA is even if you don’t get Best of Colour or Best of Division in every ring, points are still awarded for any Colour or Division placements that you do get. Similarly, all Finals placements (10th Best to Best) earn points towards titles.

Points are cumulative, starting from the exhibit’s first show as a novice. So, for example, if a cat from England enters its first show and gets two finals and earns 375 points, then it has won a Champion title. It only now needs another 625 points and another 4 finals to become a Grand Champion. Even if it enters a show and doesn’t final, all the colour and division points awarded are still included in the total number of points when claiming titles.

There is no restriction on the number of titles that can be won during a show, with one exception. For a Best Cat final to count towards the Supreme Grand title, the cat must have earned all the points and finals to qualify as a Quadruple Grand before that show day.

If a cat is altered, it may be confirmed for the next consecutive title (i.e. a Double Grand Champion may be altered and then shown as an alter and confirmed as a Triple Grand Champion Alter, etc. - this cat would hold titles of Champion, Grand Champion, Double Grand Champion, Triple Grand Champion Alter, etc.) OR the cat may start again as a Novice in the Alter Class and earn points toward the titles of Champion Alter, Grand Champion Alter, etc.

Applying for Titles

Titles are confirmed by the TICA Executive Office for TICA-registered cats on receipt of a completed application and fee. This could be done at the same time as registering the cat, since you are allowed to exhibit at one show without being fully registered with TICA. Note that New Traits and New Breeds must be registered with TICA before being shown.

A copy of the application form for the recognition of wins can be downloaded from the TICA site or can be found at the back of the show catalogue. Approximately once a month, the Executive Office sends letters to exhibitors if their cat has qualified for title(s), and this letter may be used instead of completing the title claim form.

TICA will now accept title claims online - you can sign up for this service here. Once signed up, you can order titles for your cats, and print title certificates.

The fee is currently $5 per title or $10 for a Supreme title. Note that if a novice cat gets enough points in a show to get a Triple Grand (for example), TICA will treat this as confirming 4 separate titles.

Alternatively, you can receive title certificates automatically on payment of a single fee upfront (which means you no longer have to keep track of title points or fill in more forms!). Depending on when you take out the service, it will be one of three fees. Please use this form to see the options and request automatic title confirmations.

Payment for UK exhibitors is easiest via credit card or PayPal. You are advised not to send credit card details using email as this is not a secure method. If using a credit card, send the details via airmail or via Fax or call the Executive Office at the number above. You now also need to supply the 3 digit verification number (on the rear of your credit card in the signature strip) whenever paying by credit card.

You can pay via Paypal quoting the address paypal@tica.org. Please advise the EO that you have used this method so that they can match payment to your application. Pay first (quoting the cat’s name, TICA registration number and purpose of the payment on the PayPal transaction), then send the title paperwork and provide the PayPal transaction reference number to the submission e-mail address (submit work@tica.org).

Once the title is confirmed by the EO, they will send you a commemorative certificate.