Pets In Cabin

Cat Carrier Photo Under the current PETS Travel Scheme, cats and dogs can only fly into the UK by travelling in the cargo hold as “Live Animal Cargo”. The only exceptions to this are for Assistance Dogs (on a few routes) or if you are rich enough to be able to charter your own jet plane!

So far, there is no sign that this regime will be relaxed now that the PETS rules (as of 1 Jan 2012) have become “harmonised” with the rest of the EU.

Until the “Pets in cabin” issue is addressed, UK exhibitors and breeders (as well as potential overseas visitors with animals) will still face an uneven playing field, as the following examples show:

The legislation requiring all animals arriving by air to travel in the hold has been repealed, however the basic assumption within DEFRA appears to be that all checks must be done on arrival.