Lifetime Achievement Awards

This page is dedicated to the cats from this region that have achieved TICA's ultimate title - Lifetime Achievement. It is presented to cats that have gained international as well as regional awards over several years.

Congratulations to everyone that has reached this amazing standard.


Amazolou The New Schmoo
(owned by Sarah Louise Walker)
Zendique Zut Alors
(owned by Candice Higgins)
Whozz Gustavo of Mowglis
(owned by Steven Meserve)
Overear Stormy Weather
(owned by Clare Winman)


Alario Eysling
(owned by Sally Gibbins)
Charismakatt Polar Star
(owned by Delsa & Phil Rudge)
Mr Bagpuss of Cwtchycats
(owned by Carolyn Littlejohns)
Phatpaws Cluford Wegwood
(owned by Andrew Jordan Lombard & Jason Lombard Jordan)
Amisti Alice Springs
(owned by Nicki Fenwick-Raven)


Amisti Alabama
(owned by Nicki Fenwick-Raven)


Fiordiliso Centopercento
(owned by Alison Cogan)


Corcats Hello Dolly
(owned by Teresa Cornwell)