Importing Cats Into TICA

GCCF LogoThis page explains how to register your cats with TICA if they are already registered with another pedigree registry. This is known as “importing” your cat into TICA.

This page focuses on the GCCF or FIFe (being the other main two registries in the UK) but the process below applies for any other registry recognised by TICA.

TICA now preserves the name of any imported cat, even if the prefix is already assigned to another TICA cattery. Imported cats will keep their existing pedigree names followed by a slash, then a two letter registry suffix (e.g. /GC for a GCCF-registered cat or /FI for a cat from a FIFe registry).

You do not need to be an individual member of TICA or of a TICA-affiliated cat club to register cats, litters or cattery names with TICA.

Important Note: When importing cats where there are outcrosses in the last three generations, you need to be aware that TICA's outcross policy for a breed may be different to other registries. A combination of the relevant breed standard (which can be downloaded via the Standards link on the main TICA site) and the registration codes guide on this site will help you find out if the cat is eligible for showing in TICA.

Documentation Needed

To import your cat into TICA, firstly you will need to have ONE of the following:

You need one of these for each of the cats you wish to register. You must be shown as the owner of the cat on either the certified pedigree or the registration document.

Application Form

Although there is a TICA form for individual registrations, you do not need to complete this - just provide a covering letter or email listing each cat’s name, breed, colour details and sex (including if entire or neutered/spayed) plus a photocopy of the documentation for each cat.

Please note that as TICA accepts photocopies, it is preferable to send these rather than the original documents. Like most registries, TICA retains the paperwork from registration applications.

You can (if you have the technology) scan the pedigrees yourself and send a scanned copy to the EO by e-mail. If any details are unclear, the EO will contact you for clarification.

Where to Send Applications

All registrations are handled centrally by TICA’s Executive Office in Harlingen, Texas, USA. They will accept registration applications by mail, fax or e-mail. Their address details are:

TICA Executive Office
PO Box 2684
Harlingen, TX 78551

Phone: 001 956 428 8046
Fax: 001 956 428 8047
e-mail: submit

If sending by post, you are advised to use the Royal Mail’s Airsure® service to confirm receipt, as the Executive Office does not issue acknowledgements.

It is not necessary to send paper copies if you have sent the paperwork electronically via e-mail. All e-mail submissions should receive an auto-response message from the EO that confirms that your e-mail has arrived correctly. The message will give details of the likely time to process your application and what to do if you do not receive your paperwork back.

You can also check processing status on the TICA site.

Payment Methods

Payment is easiest from the UK by credit card or PayPal. You are advised not to send credit card details using email as this is not a secure method. If using a credit card, send the details via airmail or via Fax or call the Executive Office at the number above. You now also need to supply the 3 digit verification number (on the rear of your credit card in the signature strip) whenever paying by credit card.

As an alternative, you can pay via Paypal quoting the address Pay first, then send the registration paperwork and provide the PayPal transaction reference number. Quoting the cat’s name, TICA registration number and purpose of the payment on the PayPal transaction helps the EO to match payment to the paperwork.


The fee for importing a cat into TICA is currently $20. Under the RegistratIon Incentive, you can import 5 or more cats at a fee of only $15 per cat providing that you also register your cattery name at the same time for a one-off fee of $40 (normally $80).

GCCF-Registered Cats

Please note that if you choose not to export your cat out of the GCCF, you are still required to abide by the rules of the GCCF. In particular, as noted here, you will still need to inform the GCCF Office before attending a TICA show, and also continue to observe the “13 day rule”.