How To Show

Cat Show Photo This page explains how a TICA show works, as it is very different from a GCCF or FIFe Show. There looks like there's a lot to take in here but in reality once you've completed a couple of shows you'll wonder why you thought it sounded so difficult.  And there will always be people around to help you out - there's a friendly atmosphere at the shows and we do live up to TICA's motto of "for fabulous felines, fun and friendships"!

The topics covered on this page are:

Entering Shows

On Arrival at the Show


The Catalogue

When to Take Your Cat to a Ring


Taking Your Cat Out of the Ring

Judging Sequence


Earning Titles

Ireland, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Iceland are considered ‘isolated areas’. Exhibitors living in these places require less points for titles. The figures required can be found here.

Regional and International Awards

We hope this has explained how showing and judging works in TICA. If you have any other queries then don't hesitate to ask one of the show organisers. If they don't know the answer themselves, they will know "someone who does"!

(Adapted from an original article by Cattica All Breeds Cat Club, and used with their permission).