Hall of Fame

UK International and Regional Winners

Each show year (1 May to 30 April), TICA maintains a “league table” (known as the Standings) for all TICA-registered cats, kittens, alters, HHPs and HHP Kittens. Scores are calculated based on how many other cats that cat defeated in each ring that the cat entered during the show year.

At the end of the show year, after the scores are added up and checked, the Top 20 Cats, LH Cats, SH Cats, Kittens, Alters, HHPs and HHP Kittens in each Region are awarded the lifetime title of Regional Winner (RW).

Across TICA as a whole, the Top 25 Cats, LH Cats, SH Cats, Kittens, Alters, HHPs and HHP Kittens are awarded the prestigious lifetime title of International Winner (IW). The UK’s first IWs were awarded at the end of the 2007/2008 show year. For 2008/2009 there were a record nine International Winners from the UK.

2008/2009 also saw the first UK cat earn TICA’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award - which requires a cat to earn a minimum of one IW and two RWs in more than one show year.

2014/2015 EW Best Kitten
2014/2015 EW Best HHPK
2014/2015 BEST SH 2nd CAT IW

2014/2015 EW Best Cat

2014/2015 EW Best Alter

2014/2015 EW Best HHP

2013/2014 BEST LH 1st CAT IW

2013/2014 BEST KIT IW

2013/2014 BEST SH 2nd CAT IW

2013/2014 BEST HHP LA

2013/2014 BEST HPK RW

2013/2014 BEST ALT IW

2012/2013 BEST LH 1st CAT GB

2012/2013 BEST KITTEN

2012/2013 BEST SH 2nd CAT IW

2012/2013 BEST ALT IW

2012/2013 BEST HHP RW

2012/2013 BEST HPK

2011/2012 BEST LH 1st CAT RW

2011/2012 BEST SH 2nd CAT RW

2011/2012 BEST KIT RW

2011/2012 BEST ALT RW

2011/2012 BEST HHP RW

2011/2012 BEST HPK RW