This page provides some guidance on the implications for cats registered with the GCCF (or HHPs exhibited at GCCF shows) when entering TICA shows.

Providing you remember to inform the GCCF Office in advance before attending a TICA show, and obey their "13 Day" rule, then there is no danger of you facing possible GCCF disciplinary action when taking your GCCF-registered cat to a TICA show. The following paragraphs give a little more detail about this.

GCCF-registered cats can be imported into the TICA registry - see here for more details. If you register the cat with TICA and you keep the cat registered with the GCCF, then this is known as dual-registering.

Dual-registered cats need to follow the rules of both organisations. For exhibitors no longer wishing to show or register with the GCCF, it is possible to “export” cats out of GCCF jurisdiction (GCCF Rules - Section 1, rules 10e, 10g which took effect from 24 Oct 2001).

The GCCF Office confirmed in writing on 3 July 2009 that that if a person holds a GCCF Prefix they are NOT obliged to register their kittens with the GCCF unless they make an agreement with the purchaser or advertise them as GCCF registered.

GCCF Rules require that the GCCF Office must be informed in advance of any GCCF-registered cat being shown at a non-GCCF show (GCCF Rules - Section 4, rule 1b). Alternatively, if you no longer wish to show at GCCF shows you may notify the GCCF Office to this effect (GCCF Rules - Section 4, Rule 1c) and this releases you from the need to notify them every time that you show.

No GCCF-registered pedigree cat or HHP can enter a GCCF show within 13 days of any cat from the same household attending any other show/exhibition (GCCF Rules - Section 4, rule 3b).

Breaking either of these rules can lead to disciplinary action by the GCCF.

The GCCF Office has clarified in writing (5 July 2005) that the “13 day rule” only applies to GCCF shows. A GCCF-registered cat or an HHP could therefore enter 2 non-GCCF shows within 13 days of each other without breaking GCCF rules - so long as no GCCF show is entered within 13 days of the non-GCCF shows.

Note: the information provided here is provided in good faith and believed to be correct, but final interpretation of GCCF Rules remains with the GCCF.