Cattery Prefixes

This page explains how to get your prefix (known as a “Cattery name” in TICA) registered with TICA. You don’t need to join TICA to get your cattery name registered.

You will need to complete an application form, which is available on the main TICA site here or you can now apply online.

The form is fairly self-explanatory - “Zip code” is the US term for our postal code, by the way.

TICA Cattery prefixes must:

If you have an existing prefix registered with the GCCF or FIFe you should use this, so that dual-registered cats can keep the same pedigree names.

The Executive Office (EO) will tell you if your choice of prefix clashes with an existing TICA prefix. You can also see if there might be a clash by looking at the latest list of TICA cattery prefixes.

Please note if there is a clash, the Board Of Directors (at the 2005 Semi-Annual Board Meeting) has authorised the use of GB before your GCCF/FIFe prefix so that you can keep the same cattery name in TICA as your existing prefix. The Executive Office staff may not always be aware of this.

If you complete the application form rather than use the on-line version, you then need to send it to TICA. You can send it by airmail, fax, or scan it and send it by e-mail:

TICA Executive Office
PO Box 2684
TX 78551

Phone: 001 956 428 8046
Fax: 001 956 428 8047

If sending by post, you are advised to use the Royal Mail’s Airsure® service to confirm receipt, as the Executive Office does not issue acknowledgements.

It is not necessary to send paper copies if you have sent the paperwork electronically via email.  All email submissions should receive an auto-response message from the EO that confirms that your email has arrived correctly. The message will give details of the likely time to process your application and what to do if you do not receive your paperwork back.

You can also check processing status on the TICA site.

The cost of a cattery name registration is a once-off fee of $80 ($75 for members) - this is reduced to $40 under the Registration Incentive if you register at least 5 cats with TICA at the same time.

Payment is easiest from the UK by credit card or PayPal.  You are advised not to send credit card details using e-mail as this is not a secure method.  If using a credit card, send the details via airmail or via Fax or call the Executive Office at the number above. You now also need to supply the 3 digit verification number (on the rear of your credit card in the signature strip) whenever paying by credit card.

As an alternative, you can pay via Paypal quoting the address paypal@tica,org.  Please carry out the PayPal payment first, then quote the PayPal transaction reference in your correspondence, so that the  EO can find the payment via PayPal.