Wherever you are, you're in TICA's world!

TICA is an international registry and show sanctioning organisation for pedigree and non-pedigree cats. Founded in June 1979 in the USA, it has grown to become a truly international organisation.

It is a non-profit making organisation, incorporated in the USA, and run by a Board of Directors (who work on a voluntary basis), elected by TICA members in each of the TICA Regions. It has an Executive Office (with a small number of full-time employees) in Harlingen Texas, USA that handles all administration. TICA’s official website can be found here.

It has the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigree and household pet cats. TICA encourages its members to be caring, responsible owners and breeders of cats who work together to promote the preservation of pedigreed cats and the health and welfare of all domestic cats.

TICA’s Board of Directors have two main face to face meetings in the year - the Annual Board Meeting held in September (to coincide with the Annual Show) and the Winter meeting in January. There is also an electronic meeting in May. As well as setting policy, decisions on changes to rules and breed standards, as well as appointments of judges take place at these meetings. In between formal meetings, board members communicate via email for other urgent business.

The UK forms part of the Western Europe Region of TICA - one of the fastest growing regions in TICA.

Shows are arranged by Cat Clubs affiliated with TICA. The first clubs were started in late 2003, and more clubs are being formed as TICA gains popularity in the UK.


Joining TICA is simple through our online service. Otherwise you can download a membership application for TICA from here.

You can join TICA as an individual member. As an individual member of TICA you receive a regular magazine (TICA Trend) and can belong to one or more breed sections. TICA members will also get a discount on all registration fees. Importantly (after a 6 month qualifying period) you can participate in membership ballots to amend TICA rules or to elect TICA officials and members of your breed section. You must have joined TICA by 31 March (and renewed your membership in time) to vote in the annual ballots that are issued in October.

The membership year runs from 1 May each year and subscriptions are due each 1 May (but if you join TICA during April, your membership year will then run until 30 April of the following year). Membership renewals/extensions can be accepted at any time. Please note that membership renewal notices are not automatically issued - it is the member’s responsibility to ensure their membership is renewed on time.

International Membership costs $40 per year (additional family members can also join for $20 per year). There are also Junior Memberships (non-voting) available at a cost of $20 per year for those under 18 years old. Five year memberships (at a discounted rate) for International and International Family are also available.

As a TICA member, your main route to resolving any issue at Board level is through your Regional Director. Our Regional Director is Phil Cornwell, and he can be contacted via email.